You move better with a leg from Gyromotics

As users know, moving with a prosthetic leg can be a challenge. Most prosthetic feet are too rigid and have poor spring action, resulting in an uncomfortable foot and excessive fatigue when walking.

Gyromotics has designed a prosthetic foot that addresses most of these problems and give you back your freedom of movement. Our unique foot allows you to:

  • Walk with ease as a result of more natural gait.
  • Walk up or down a hill without undue pain or effort as a result of the adjustable ankle.
  • Use shoes with any heel height, or walk barefoot.
  • Jog, run or engage in sports with the built-in sports setting.
  • Walk effortlessly as a result of the foot’s spring action, flexibility and damping.
  • and finally feel more energetic again as a result!

Next to these advantages that you will notice immediately, there are also more long-tem benefits: As a result of walking better, you run less risk of developing longer-term health issues that could result from bad posture.

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