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You move better with a leg from Gyromotics

As users know, moving with a prosthetic leg can be a challenge. Most prosthetic feet are too rigid and have poor spring action, resulting in an uncomfortable foot and excessive fatigue when walking. Gyromotics has designed a prosthetic foot that is based in the natural foot. This means that the foot is moving like a natural foot resulting in a movement that is anatomically correct.

This results in noticeable improvements in your everyday life:

  • Standing with more stability as a result of the smart ankle design
  • Easier walking as a result of more natural gait
  • Walk down a hill without undue pain or effort
  • Less stress on the joints as a result of flexibility and damping
  • The Gyromotics foot even allows you to go jogging or running!

Next to these advantages that you will notice immediately, there are also more long-tem benefits: As a result of walking better, you run less risk of developing longer-term health issues that could result from bad posture.


You walk further with a leg from Gyromotics

Moving better is important, but the user of a prosthetic leg uses about 30% more energy than someone without a prosthesis. As the lower leg and foot are missing, there is simply less energy for every step. To address that problem, Gyromotics has fitted its prosthetic foot with an advanced spring system that drastically reduces the amount of energy necessary for walking.  As a result you recover most of the energy you would normally lose with every step.

You will notice this innovation immediately:

  • You use less energy and can therefore walk for longer
  • You effortlessly walk with others at natural speeds.
  • You regain your energy to make long walks.

On top of that, you will be fitter because you move more!


You enjoy life better with a leg from Gyromotics

You don’t want unnecessary hassle and your leg should not give you any. You just want to get on with what you are doing and your leg should not hinder you. We therefore designed our prosthetic leg with ease of use in mind:

  • You can take a shower with it
  • To clean it, just flush it with water
  • Your foot fits any of your shoes
  • No hassle with special maintenance products – your prosthesis is fine with any normal product.


And finally: your leg looks just like you want it to look: perfect!


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