About us

What started as an idea has grown into a unique product in the prosthetic world.
Founders, also college friends, Guido Hendriks and Jaap Roggeveen co-founded Gyromotics in 2017.

The idea for an advanced prosthetic foot came from Guido. His son walks on two lower leg prostheses. When he got two blades as a little boy, Guido certainly saw the added value of a flexible and “movable” prosthetic foot. However, he also saw that there were still many improvements that could be made. One thing led to another, and three years later there was a unique, advanced and personalized prosthetic foot on the market suitable for a wide range of activities.

Our goal: to be able to serve all prosthetic users in the Netherlands and the rest of the world; from young to old.

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Our Team.

Jaap Roggeveen


Jaap is an engineer by training and has extensive experience in industry and finance. After working for almost ten years in industry in France, Pakistan, Singapore and The Netherlands, he continued his career at a large financial institution, working in credit risk management and as head of an equity investment unit. Jaap holds an MSc. in electrical engineering from Delft University of Technology and an MBA from the OU Business School UK. His entrepreneurial dream is to build businesses that have a lasting positive impact on its clients.

Guido Hendriks


Parents and specialists underestimate how many children are limited by a standard prosthesis. I am an ergonomist/designer but even as a parent I was surprised how important a prosthesis that does allow you to run, is. Inconvenient though: an extra prosthesis for every other purpose. We founded Gyromotics to make a foot optimal for everyone personally so you can go on longer and do all the things that are important to you. I can put my knowledge of projects and process improvement to good use in making Gyromotics great.

Mohammad Nadjafi

Manager research and  development

What do high end mountainbikes, motorcycles and prosthetic feet have in common? Carbon fiber! It also enables humans with the ability to achieve the once impossible. In 2018 I started working for Gyromotics as an Industrial design engineer. Here I could merge my experience in composites, Engineering and design to create the ArcX. It is my mission to design and develop the necessary production processes and machines to be able to produce innovative solutions for prosthetic feet. We are working hard to push the capabilities of what is possible with prosthetic feet.

Bas Dijkstra
Production Manager

I first joined Gyromotics in 2020 for an internship. After this, I started working as a side job to develop our own CNC-milling method. Finally, in 2022, I graduated here as a mechatronic engineer developing an endurance testing machine for foot prostheses. 

Since graduation, I work here full-time and manage the production process from start to finish. I find it interesting to contribute to the continuous development of our product and all the processes that make it possible. It is very satisfying to be able to deliver a product at the end of the production process that is truly customized specifically for someone.

Tamara Eleonora
Manager customer relations and guidance

After my internship at an orthopedic workshop in Kenya, I already knew that I wanted to enter the orthopedic field. When I came to work at Gyromotics in 2021, I was able to combine my practical knowledge well with the technical challenges from the field.

As a movement technologist, I am always busy working on the development and optimization of people and technology. I like to connect the two to create the best possible situation for our users. I make it my goal to guide you in the best possible way to help you get the very best out of yourself (and the foot)!

Pietro De Bernardini
Production worker

My goal at Gyromotics is to realise the different components of prostheses ensuring quality and long-term durability. Through movement we interact, experience and express ourselves. Working to improve people’s everyday mobility is why I joined Gyromotics in October 2021. I currently work as a part-time worker in production, combining it with my studies in Applied Mathematics at TU Delft.

Bram Vossen
Production worker